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Monday, July 4, 2011

What's your color

We all have our favorite color. Mine, for example, is red.

BUT, when you go to art school, you hear the same thing over and over again, whether you are in architecture classes or color theory, it never fails:

You CAN NOT have a favorite color if you're an artist. You must like ALL of the colors.

Yet, this saying does NOT keep me from not liking the color of puke green.

All of these are awesome!

This makes me think of my little Upstate New York hometown. Pretty, but redneck in one fell swoop.

As an artist (or artist in training) I know that I am supposed to be able to like all colors in a certain dosage. But I know plenty of other artists (professors, students, and professionals alike) that like a certain color scheme over others. Such as my film friend who just graduated this past spring (follow her blog! Mito Vox by The Vox). She loves shows like True Blood and The Good Wife, but obviously hates certain shows where the lighting looks like someone decided that a spot light times 1,000,000 was a good idea. Yet, even though the lighting is crap, she will respect a show if it has good writing.

The red in this alone just makes it look cool.

If you know the story, you understand the picture

Anyways, I know that many people don't follow this rule. BUT, before you go painting your living room or bedroom your favorite color, take a look at this article on how different colors trigger different feelings or actions out of people (at least in the Western culture).

Color Meaning in Western Culture

Now, different colors mean different things between Western and Eastern cultures. Some food for thought:

Did you know:
- Black means death in Western cultures, but in China, black is worn by young boys.
-White on a bride is only a Western culture thing. Yes, it symbolizes purity and virginity. In Eastern cultures, they actually where white to funerals. It symbolizes the cleansing of the soul of the life that has passed. They celebrate the life, where as the Western culture morns the life.

Look how colorful!

*if you want to learn some more on colors, go to your local library! Or, if you feel like being a couch potato, Google/ Yahoo/ Bingo "Eastern culture vs Western culture," and see what you can find!*

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