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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Having a blank on what to make for dinner tonight?
Thank you for the cuteness

Then look no further! Today, I am going to share with you a couple different quick, mid-week dinner recipes that are easy to make!

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Like Grandma's Chicken 'n' Dumplings
For me, nothing makes me feel more relaxed after a busy day quite like comfort food can, and chicken and dumplings is one of those things. If you've never made them yourself, this is a recipe to give a try!

Italian Sausage Soup
A recipe that you can even get the kiddies to help out with (or recruit your roommates to help you out with)! Quick, delicious, and easy to make. Definitely give this a try!

Chicken Fajita Tostadas
I am a fan of Mexican food (though my roommate from this past year calls it faux-Mex). I am also a fan of tostadas. So I was happy when I came across this recipe! Definitely tasty, and really easy to make. Plus, who can argue with it only costing around $7 to make a meal for 4 people?!

And, obviously, dinner is never complete without dessert.

White Chocolate and Orange Truffles
Something that you can make with the whole family, friends, or just for you and yourself alone. These tasty treats are amazing, and even make great treats to give away at holidays (coughchristmascookiescough)!

Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes
Chocolate in cake form, WITH a molten center is heaven on a plate. Plus, this recipe makes it even better! It's a healthier version of our splendid friend, with just as much (if not more) taste!

Strawberry Mousse
Something I remember fondly from my childhood. This treat is creamy, tastes like strawberries, and is AMAZINGLY delicious. 

Don't like strawberries? Try is out with another fruit of choice! Peaches perhaps?

There you have it! 3 dinners, and 3 desserts for you to mix and match however you like!

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