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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monkeying Around

Secretly, when I was a kid, I always wondered what it would be like to be a monkey. Any kind of monkey, but a spider monkey would have been awesome in my book.

Just look how cute he is!

Being able to swing around in trees all day, having fun. Yep, when you're a 6 year old child, a monkey's life sounds ideal. As I grew up, my secret love for monkeys has not wavered. Though I can honestly say that I do NOT wish I was a monkey anymore. A pet one will do.

Remember Marcel from Friends?

Obviously, I know that this can never be true. But I will continue to enjoy a supposed favorite snack of monkeys. That's right! I'm talking about bananas!

There are LOTS of good recipes out there that use the hairy primates favorite little snack, as well as use the name "monkey" in describing their tasty treat. Today, I will share with you all a couple of my favorite banana treats. All especially good for breakfast, dessert, or a midnight run to the fridge.

-One of my favorite treats is definitely banana bread with some butter on it (not Paula Dean amounts, but a good shmear and all is right in the world)

-An awesomely tasty treat. Follow the reviewers' suggestions by probably freezing the bananas overnight instead of for only 30 minutes. Other than that, enjoy this awesome treat!

Last, and definitely not least:

-I know, it doesn't have any banana in it (IF you follow the directions of the recipe provider). But it has the word 'monkey' in the title, and it's still awesomely delicious! Definitely worth a try if you have never had monkey bread before.

Alright followers, now that your sweet tooth has something new to try, I am going to go find myself something sweet to munch on. Frozen Banana Pop?? Most definitely.

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  1. haha my lil monkey.....still hate bananas but the monkey bread looks good(no banana) :P