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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tune Thursday

It is party night at SCAD again, and apparently VH1 got wind of this.

VH1 owns this logo, not me!

Why you may ask? I have had my television stuck on VH1 for the last 2 hours because they are doing the top 40 songs of the 90s.

So, for this Tune Thursday, I am going to assault your eardrums with a couple songs off of this top 40 list. Enjoy!

Closing Time by Semisonic

Childhood memories and a half, and this song still pops into my ADD brain every once in a while.

Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik

Again, another song I remember from my childhood, and crosses my mind every now and then.

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot

Obviously, almost everyone and their momma has heard this song. It just makes it even more hilarious when you have your boyfriend-at-the-time dancing around in your pajama pants, with the word 'aerie' across the butt, and your friend holding your laptop as you both laugh until you can't breath (I love you Annie Anne and Mike!)

And finally, we have all obviously heard this one, and it will not (and shall not) die if The Vox has anything to say about it:

Macarena by Los del Rio

Enjoy this blast from the past kiddies! And remember: no one is watching or listening if you want to dance around or sing to these songs (just sayin'!).

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