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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CHOCOLATE!!! Again!!

Happy Hump Day peeps! Hope your week has been good thus far.

Me personally, I could go for a drink, a big pan of brownies, and a nap (not in the particular order).
No disturb the kitty.

So, if your week has been as tiring and stressful as mine, why not try out these tasty treats that the Chocolate Doctor has prescribed for this Wednesday:
Chocolate bath, please!

I am one of those people that I can have a pan of brownies and be happy for the night. What's better than a brownie on a stick?! Better yet, just like the Cake Pops I wrote about in Saturday Night Sweets, these tasty brownies get a dip into ooey, gooey chocolate (if they even make it 
that far).

I am a white chocolate fan, and when I got a taste of some White Hot Chocolate, I died and went to chocolate heaven. And we all know Paula Deen knows how to make a decadent treat. And of course, don't forget to add your green vegetable to the side of it (or substitute it for peppermint, preferably in stick form).

And last, but not least:
I made this recipe a couple years back for my mom's birthday, and it was great! Definitely something I intend on making again in the near future.
*Read reviews to get some ideas on how they improved the recipe for their own tastes. Some are good suggestions.*

Enjoy your treats kids! And remember, the weekends isn't too far off (especially with these treats to keep you company until then.)

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