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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


You can thank Iron Chef America for bringing this bout of chocolate wanting. Battle today: Battle Chocolate.

White, Milk, or Dark- in cookie form, or made into a chocolate sauce that goes on top of a nice piece of steak, I will eat chocolate.

NOW, chocolate has always been known for being a sweet that the doctors tell you to stay away from, and indulge in only once in a while. BUT, we all also know that, in recent years, studies have shown that dark chocolate actually has antioxidants, as well as chocolate in general releases endorphins into our systems that set off that "feel good" feeling in our brains.
She knows the deal.

So tonight, or this weekend, when you are feeling those chocolate cravings come on, why not give one of these tasty recipes a try!

Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti by justcallmetoni
Did you know: Biscotti means
 "twice baked cookie?"

Biscotti are AWESOME, and the chocolate and cherries can be substituted for any other ingredient you feel you would like to put in (orange zest and blueberries perhaps?).

Could definitely use one of these
after a long week.

Something for the adults to enjoy after a long week at the office, or a long day in general. Enjoy one of these while enjoying one of those biscotti. YUM.


I am a cheesecake fanatic even when it's just plain New York Style with some cherry pie filling on top of it. But make it a white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry on it?? I've died and gone to heaven.

Next time you feel like you need a chocolate fix, or you need a quick treat to mix up for a sudden get together, try one of these tasty recipes. I know I will be!

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