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Monday, July 18, 2011

Viral Video Night

It's the beginning of a long work week again.

And so, to make you all hopeful that the next few days will be awesome (and not suck mad hairy monkey balls), a couple viral videos to make you laugh your way through the week. Enjoy!

Hot Koolaid by Julian Smith makes me roll off my bed and laugh as I hit the hard concrete floor. Hope it does the same for you (minus the pain part).

And now, a sequal to one of the videos posted last Monday:

Charlie the Unicorn 2 features the crazy pink and blue unicorns once more, who have come to terrorize poor, belligerent Charlie.

And finally, our last one:

You would have thought the kid would have learned the FIRST time his little brother bit his finger. Oh well.

Hope your work week isn't too chaotic, and that you have some funny videos that you want to see up here next week!

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