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Sunday, July 10, 2011

City Sunday: Savannah, GA

Hey there folks. Again, something new I'm going to try out for every Sunday. Let me know what you think, give me a yay or nay, or suggest a city/town/village/knoll that you think should be featured the following Sunday! All suggestions and comments are taken into consideration, so don't be shy!

I will cover a few things that can be done in that town, and- of course- some of the restaurants or culinary places that should be checked out. So go ahead with any suggestions you may have on that as well.

SO, for the first ever City Sunday, our featured city is:

Savannah, GA
Pretty Forsyth Fountain. Gorgeous day OR night.

Ah yes. The northern city that happens to be located in the south. We've all learned about good ol' Savannah in history class (General Sherman's March to the Sea ring a bell?). But, this lazy old city is also home to a good few colleges, including SCAD *woot woot!*.

With all of the history, art, and life that goes on in this town, it's no wonder the place is overfilled with tourists 365 days a year. Here is a list of a few things that you can do while in town:

-Take a trolley tour!
  The most obvious of tourist things to do when new to a town is to either walk around with a map, OR get on one of the 3 trolley tours that are offered here in good ol' Savannah.

For a small amount of money ( $21.95 an adult if you book online here with Old Town Trolleys), you get a tour around the historic district, and get an in depth description of the town's history.


-Explore River Street
  Ah, River Street. Lined with plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops, bars, and two candy shops, this area of town has some fun for the whole family, and is where some of the night life of Savannah is had. You can also take the time to sit down next to the river and watch some of the boats and barges float by on the Savannah River.

Be sure to stop in to Savannah Candy Kitchen and River Street Sweets for some tasty treats to take back home to the friends and family (or to just munch on yourself).

-Go on a Ghost Tour!
  Since the town is so old, you wouldn't expect anything less. Dubbed as one of the oldest, and most haunted, cities in the United States, Savannah has a good few ghost tours that the family can go on. Whether by foot, trolley, or hearse (yes, there is a hearse ghost tour), you'll get a good view of some of the most haunted places in town, including the Sorrell-Weed House, and the infamous Johnny Mercer House. Fun and scares for the whole family!

"Everything is better with butter ya'll"

Obviously, there are a couple restaurants that are must-visits when in Savannah. The touristy things: Paula Deen's Restaurant, Uncle Bubba's Crab Shack, and The Crab Shack. All are good, but there's nothing better than finding out where the locals think are some of the best places.

Below, here are 2 of some of the best places I think are in town.

First off: Smooth.
This place is AMAZING. I go here for a smoothie and a Summer Salad. Both equally delicious, as well as anything else on the menu. The shop is run by some pretty amazing women, and are always friendly. Organic and all natural ingredients are used, so go ahead and head on in. You won't regret it one single bit!

And, of course: Zunzi's.
Most definitely one of THE best places I have ever eaten at. A mixture of South African, Dutch, Swiss, and Italian flavors, this place is literally a hole in the wall that always has a line around the corner come lunch time. Offering sandwiches (Conquistador is SOOOOOO good), lunch platters, salads, burgers, as well as vegetarian specialties, Zunzi's is DEFINITELY a place to go to.

So, when you get some money in your pocket, take a trip down south to Savannah, and take in the culture and history that is offered in this lazy city.

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  1. very nice! we still need to try out Angel's BBQ the other literal hole in the wall. umm City suggestion idk Greece = counrty suggestion :P