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Friday, July 15, 2011

Font Friday

Ah yes, it's Friday again, which means one thing: Font Friday!

For our next typographer, it's not the traditional font designer. Who could it be? It is:

Ben Eine

Again, not the traditional font designer, but he is an amazing graffiti artist who uses type in ALL of his works.
ABC, 123

Me personally, I love his stuff. Others may find it not as interesting, but I find it interesting that some people actually PAY him to do his artwork on the sides of buildings, even on the pull down doors of little shops (look to your left). I think he does an amazing job, and I'm more than happy to share some of his work with you guys.

Here, a small documentary on the artist, all while he is working on a project.

A street artist from London, no one outside of the street scene there would have known anything about him if it hadn't been for the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, who decided to give one of Eine's paintings to President Obama on his first visit to the White House.
Have to say, I'd be happy to have one of his pieces
in my home.

Though he has some arrests under his belt, Eine still continues to place his artwork around the London streets.

Want to look at some more graffiti artists from around the world? Check out this book:

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