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Monday, July 11, 2011

Viral Video Night

Most of us, if not ALL of us, have seen "Numa Numa" guy (if not, just watch).
Yep. Just totally went old school on that.

THEN, I'm hoping, most of you will remember this lovable, angry unicorn:

Yes. This is awful, but it's also hilarious.

Why the horrible yet hilarious viral videos?? Because, my friends love to show me some of the horrible videos that they come across on YouTube and such. And so, to carry on the tradition, I bring you all, couple of my all-time favorite viral videos (with a little help from The Vox).

Text Message Breakup

And who could ever forget:

Enjoy some viral videos on this first day of the work week.

**Any suggestions on a video?? Let me know, and you may just see it on the Viral Video Night**

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