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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wacky Wednesday:

The graphic designer in me says, "BUY IT DANGIT!"
And for $12? I just may! has some of the most AMAZING t-shirts, hoodies, and even baby clothes! Personally, I have already gotten my surrogate nephew (I call him Cheese Doodle for personal reasonings) a couple one pieces, which my best friend proceeded to send me a picture of him in one of his new pieces of clothing when she received the package.

The designs are submitted by people (mainly art students or someone with some artistic ability), and then they are screen printed onto the items that the site sells.

Some consist of just type with different colors and in unique font faces, while some are colorful and awesome drawings. Realistic, or playful.

And with the clothes being fairly cheap to begin with (most go for about $12 for reprint t-shirts), it's a wonder I haven't spent half of my paychecks on this site yet!

Visit the site to start looking at some of the items they sell!

PS: They have a $12 T-shirt sale going on right now, so GO GO GO!!

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