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Monday, August 22, 2011

Viral Video Night

Sorry for the delay in posts folks. The chaos of finals is upon us here at SCAD: Summer Quarter Edition. Along with work and an internship? It's a wonder that I haven't ridden the plotter down the hill next to where I'm staying.

Plotteran output device that produces a graphicalrepresentation by drawing on paper, as with one or moreattached pens.

^Thank you^

ANYWHOS, it's viral video night, and I've got one in particular that can always get a giggle or two out of me whenever I see it. First time I saw it, nearly fell off the couch from laughter. I'm sure you'll all remember this commercial from two Super Bowls ago:

or, better yet:

Enjoy your Mondays everyone! NOW, back to the chaos
*puts back on headphones, continues work*

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