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Sunday, August 7, 2011

City Sunday: Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, North Carolina

Home to the USS North Carolina, and the home for filming of One Tree Hill, Wilmington is a little city located near the coast, and is surrounded by beaches galore. What is there to do in this place? Let's find out!

- Walk the Historic Riverfront
Just like any other old city, Wilmington has a wonderful, business-filled river front that every tourist, and local, walks on the weekends. With breath taking views of the Cape Fear River, and located in a mild climate, why not enjoy a little trot around the Wilmington Historic Riverfront on your next family vacation?

- Go visit the USS North Carolina
Got any history buffs in your family? Or do you just happen to be a history fanatic yourself? Then why not go take a look at the historic USS North Carolina, which happens to be in its permanent home right here in Wilmington! Home of the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company during WWII, this battleship was relocated back to the Cape Fear area after doing its time in war.

And this isn't the only historic site in the Wilmington area! Fort Fisher, the last Confederate fort to stand in the south, is located just across the cape. You can either catch the ferry, a beautiful ride of its own, or drive to the island!
Along with the North Carolina Aquarium (conveniently located on the same island as Fort Fisher), there is plenty to do with the whole family.

Of course, with traveling, there is always the undoubtable question: What will we be eating??

THAT, my friends, is where I come in. Here are just two of the amazing places that you can go eat at while in the Wilmington area!

Blackbeard's Oyster Bar & Grille
Located about 30 minutes south of Wilmington, in a little, almost non-tourist existent place called Holden Beach (it is GORGEOUS!), Blackbeard's is right across the causeway from the ocean, so you KNOW the seafood here is fresh. Friendly staff, great food- definitely worth the drive. And you can go walk off all that crab and oysters down on the beautiful beach and watch the sunset.

Yes, this is Holden Beach.
No, it is not deserted.

Olympia Restaurant
You like greek food? We GOT greek food! With the classic greek dishes like gyros and kabobs, you will feel like you are taking a step into Greece. Located in Wilmington itself, you won't have to travel too far to get there. They also have a children's menu with chicken nuggets and pastas, so even your little ones will be able to enjoy dinner with you at the same place!

With such a diverse culture in the area, you will be able to find almost anything to feed your family!

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