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Friday, August 17, 2012

Funny Fridays

I deserve the cone of shame.
Hey Guys! I have returned from the world of no posting (I know. I'm a bad blogger).

My reasoning for deserting my blog like I have is this: I've been busy dealing with some family issues, as well as trying to get my school to stop being a poop and actually get my financial aid stuff lined up for my final quarter (woo!!!)

I've also been debating about switching up a few things on here to try and get you, the readers, more into my blog. I know, it's going to be a huge undertaking, but I'm up for it!

What's that mean??

It means that I will be adding some more cooking/City Sunday blogs, showing off some of my work to get some feedback, as well as some random stuff that I think you guys would find funny and enjoy watching. I will also be revamping my blog over the next couple weeks (something I will have to do for my portfolio class this upcoming fall anyways, so I should just get a head start on it). That also means I will be trying to get up to blogging at least once a week, then progressing into doing more over the weeks.

I'm hoping that means you guys will enjoy what I have to say and show, and that you can give me some amazing feedback!

Onto your Funny Friday post! Heard about Jenna Marbles??

If not, you probably live in a cave, and need to venture over to the nearest computer cafe and check her out. She is HILARIOUS, and has no problem stating what is on her mind. I will warn you, she's got a mouth on her (how many people from the Northeast don't?) but her movies are amazing. Not to mention her two little dogs (Kermy and Marbles) are adorable. She's awesome is pretty much the bottom line. Here's just a sample of what she's like:

If you like that, then there's plenty more on her YouTube channel. Just follow this link, and enjoy the awesomeness that is her: Jenna Marbles

And, to leave you off laughing a bit more, here you go!

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